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Just Happen

Mobile Application

Client : Digital Image Solutions Company Limited

Want to know what is happening or has happened around your location or around the world just now, one day, one week, one month, or even one year ago? Or, want to see the events taken placed anywhere around the world? Want to sit in your couch or sofa all day and check out what is happening everywhere without setting your foot outside the door?

Welcome to “Just Happen”. Turn yourself into a reporter to share good information, such as news, discounts, travel, good food, hang out places, traffic, super natural, or even secret information to other users. You will discover the huge amount of good information shared back by other users as well. You shared good information to the world. The whole world shares good information back to you. It is as easy as taking a photo and upload. The “Just Happen” application will share the good information with its location to the world. That’s it! You will enjoy getting good information back.

Features :
• Share good things or good information that benefits others, whether it is news, discounts,          travel, good food, hang out places, traffic, super natural, or even secret information. The   world shares good information to benefit you as well.
• Check out the hot events happening right now anywhere in the world by simply selects the location you want to see. Then, enjoy the events reported by others.
• Find out the good things happening/happened around you whether it is now, one day, one week, one month or one year ago. You are right into the middle of the actions/events.
• Check out who are the most popular in each category. Whose content rock the most? Then, follow them to get good information. You never miss good things ever again.
• Get good tips from other users.


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